Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir

Top10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in Kashmir | 10 of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Kashmir

If you’re visiting Kashmir and you want to see the most popular tourist attractions, these are the top 10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir and why they’re so amazing.

Whether you’re only staying in Kashmir for a few days or whether you’re planning on staying there for weeks, we guarantee that these will be some of your favorite places in all of Kashmir!

Top10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in Kashmir

1. Jhelum Valley

Another stunning valley in Kashmir, Jhelum Valley is known for its fertile land and beautiful views. It’s one of those places that everyone who visits appreciates.

Of course, you’ll need a car to take you there, so it may not be possible if you don’t have friends or family in Kashmir. The road up there is also quite difficult at times, but it’s worth every bump!

Many families travel to Jhelum Valley during summer and fall since it’s close enough for day trips.

2. Gulmarg

Located at an altitude of 2,740 meters, Gulmarg is a popular tourist destination in Kashmir that is best known for its alpine meadows and attractive golf courses.

Srinagar International Airport is located just 25 kilometers away from Gulmarg. The topography of Gulmarg is quite varied, with one end having cold weather conditions while at times experiencing snowfall during winter.

On the other hand, summer offers lush green grasslands ideal for tourists who wish to play golf on these well-maintained greens.

Horse riding and walking are some popular tourist activities here. Those looking to explore beyond places accessible by road can choose to take a pony or horse ride to reach their destinations. A trek to Thajiwas glacier provides stunning views of lakes and snow-capped mountains.

3. Pahalgam

With Kashmir being an abode for spirituality, a visit to Pahalgam is one thing that should not be missed Beauty of Pahalgam list this place under the Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir.

The town is situated in the Anantnag district and boasts splendid views and snow-clad mountains. The place has been referred to as the ‘Valley of Shepherds’.

Famous for its apple orchards, quaint villages, and delectable cuisine, it is considered a heaven on earth by many. The snowy mountains and pristine lakes attract travelers from all over India as well as foreigners.

4. Dal Lake

Top10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir

No matter what time of year you visit, Dal Lake is probably going to be at its most beautiful during spring. Being Reason is listed under the Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir.

When we think of Kashmir, there’s no doubt that images of blue skies, placid lakes, and mountains come to mind.

And in winter, as temperatures hover around 0°C (32°F), it can be hard to deny that Dal Lake is pretty much at its very best then.

One good thing about visiting in December is that there will still be tourists around – so not quite empty and lonely like it might be in March or April.

But if you’re heading here specifically to see a lake covered in ice but with plenty of snow-capped mountains surrounding it.

5. Srinagar

Top10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir

Located in north Kashmir, Srinagar is known for its beautifully constructed Mughal gardens. Called the city of gardens, it is home to thousands of trees and shrubs, including species native to Kashmir.

The locals are very proud of their native plants, and many don’t even consider conifers or peonies natives.

Jhelum River: Flowing through most major cities in Kashmir, the Jhelum River supplies a decent amount of water to millions of residents every day.

Many use it for recreation as well; people fish there, bathe there and swim there during hot summer days.

6. Mughal Gardens

The Mughal Gardens are listed under the Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir, Mughal Garden is a series of gardens built during emperor Jehangir’s reign and were finished by his son Shah Jahan.

The most well-known gardens in Kashmir are Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Garden, Chashma Shahi, and Pari Mahal. Shalimar Bagh is considered to be one of the best-maintained gardens in Kashmir while Pari Mahal has over a hundred fountains.

Kushgum Palace is another famous tourist attraction in Kashmir listed under the Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir which was built in 1450 A.D. It is one of Asia’s oldest mud-brick palaces, with a great deal of architectural splendor like vaulted balconies supported by wooden beams.

7. Hari Parbat Fort

The Hari Parbat Fort is located in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir. The fort, also known as Alamgiri or Raj Bagh Palace, was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1619-1620 to mark his victory over Afghan rebels.

Unfortunately, it only took a few years for his eldest son, Prince Khurram (who later became Emperor Jahangir), to abandon it. Later owners included Wazir Khan and others until Maharaja Ranbir Singh acquired it in 1875.

This sprawling complex has some fine examples of Mughal architecture, including several historical buildings that have been declared protected monuments by India’s Archaeological Survey.

8. Shankaracharya Temple

This Hindu temple and one of Kashmir’s most popular tourist attractions, Shankaracharya Temple is located in Kalandri.

Although it is primarily a Hindu shrine, it is also open to devotees of other religions. Several festivals are held here annually.

The temple was constructed by Adi Shankara, an Indian saint who lived from 788-820 CE during India’s post-Vedic period.

Today, it attracts around 100 thousand pilgrims every year and has a 24-hour guard on duty to protect against any terrorist threats that may arise.

9. Bara bra Lake

Kashmir is dotted with several scenic spots. Bar Bari Lake, known as a pearl in Kashmir and a paradise for nature lovers is one such spot. It is surrounded by snow-clad mountains on all sides, giving it an unparalleled beauty.

A perennial freshwater lake at some height, it offers stunning views during sunrise and sunset. It is also famous for its floating islands, which are covered with canopies of lush green trees and bushes with their dense greenery making them look like floating gardens.

In spring and summer, they present a spectacular sight when fully bloomed.

10. Nagin Lake

Located in downtown Srinagar, Nagin Lake is a beautiful body of water surrounded by walkways and greenery.

A popular spot for locals to enjoy at sunset, many visitors enjoy visiting Nagin Lake during holidays and weekends when local families flock to it for strolls.

Visitors can also take boat rides around the lake—but be warned that it’s not uncommon to see floating corpses during Kashmiri summers!

Due to its proximity to tourist attractions such as Bemina and Dal Lake, these bodies are rarely identified by their families and have often been seen being pulled ashore after running aground on small boats.

If you’re planning on visiting Nagin Lake, bring along your camera—it’s a sight you won’t soon forget!

This Concludes the Tropic on the Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Kashmir.

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