10 Exciting Places to Visit in Dehradun

10 Exciting Places to Visit in Dehradun

10 Exciting Places to Visit in Dehradun

From pretty parks to grand palaces, Dehradun has plenty of places to visit. Whether you’re staying for a few days or just passing through on your way to one of the many nearby tourist destinations, these top 10 exciting places to visit in Dehradun are sure to give you an enjoyable stay that’s worth coming back to again and again.

10 Exciting Places to Visit in Dehradun

10 Exciting Places to Visit in Dehradun | top 10 places to visit in Dehradun in 1 day

1. Sahastradhara

Sahastradhara is one of the top tourist Attraction under 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Dehradun. Travelers will be left astounded by Sahastradhara, a famous natural dam, and reservoir located on one of the branches of River Ganga.

This place is always covered with snow and surrounded by clouds. It provides incredible sightseeing opportunities with its endless waterfalls, mist, and craggy mountains.

The view from Sahastradhara is just breathtaking. Tourists can reach here by car or bus from Mussoorie, Devprayag, or Rishikesh as well as Haridwar and most other major places of Uttarakhand.

Sahastradhara is right beside Rishikesh which draws tourists to come here more often than not!

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2. Robber’s Cave

It’s difficult to think of a better place for an adventure-seeking couple or family than Robber’s Cave. This much-loved trek meanders its way through what used to be a notorious thief’s hideout, passing hidden caves and little pockets of natural beauty along the way.

Because it isn’t a very long trek and there are several places you can stop along your journey, it is also one of India’s most accessible treks; just make sure you take enough water with you as parts can get hot during peak summer months.

The steep drop-down at some points can be exhilarating while other parts might feel like they require lots of stamina – but what makes Robber’s Cave special is its history.

3. Tiger Falls

Visited for its natural beauty, Tiger Falls is one of those iconic places that are part of Dehradun’s history.

Located just 4km from Selaqui, it’s a great place to visit with family and friends. It’s one of those few waterfalls that has been named after a wild animal because of its flow patterns.

The presence of multiple water channels makes it look like a tiger creeping down a hillside, which is why it gets its name.

Besides being close to nature and breathtakingly beautiful, there aren’t many other activities you can do here as it’s just an ordinary waterfall.

4. Tapkeshwar Temple

Not far from Mussoorie is Tapkeshwar Temple, one of Uttarakhand’s oldest Hindu temples. Built by Pandavas over 2000 years ago, Tapkeshwar is said to have been constructed on the spot where Lord Shiva manifested himself to grant Lord Vishnu a boon for making his idol out of Saligram stone.

The Saligram stone also features prominently at Ram Jhula, which is visited by thousands of devotees every year.

This bridge over the Ganga River between Ramnagar and Srinagar has become a spiritual hub for Hindu pilgrims.

5. Forest Research Institute

10 Exciting Places to Visit in Dehradun

The Forest Research Institute is also the best top place under 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Dehradun. a scientific research institute situated in Dehradun in Uttarakhand, India.

It is a prestigious institute of national importance, established and functioning under the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India.

It was founded by Sir Dietrich Brandis on 1 October 1878 and has been functioning since 1880. The Institute is also known as FSI.

The history of the Forest Research Institute dates back to 1878 when it was conceived by British Officer Dietrich Brandis who believed that systematic forest research would help conserve forests and improve wood production from them.

6. Mindrolling Tibetan Monastery (Buddha Temple) 

For followers of Buddhism, a visit to Mindrolling Monastery is a must. The monastery is located just four kilometers from Dehradun City and is known for its peaceful atmosphere and spiritual teachings.

Visitors can expect a quiet and meditative setting at Mindrolling Monastery; some of its most popular attractions include Buddhist prayer wheels, shrines, statues, textiles, and statues of Buddha.

As with many religious sites, visitors are encouraged to be respectful as they explore each of Mindrolling’s beautiful areas.

To truly experience Dehradun, you need to be sure you include Mindrolling Monastery on your itinerary—and trust us when we say that it’s more than worth a visit!

7. Malsi Deer Park

In addition to an astounding variety of bird life, Malsi is also home to barking deer and a colony of monkeys.

It’s no wonder that many visitors find themselves returning time and again to walk its paths. Located north of Mussoorie, visitors can easily access Malsi by car or public transportation from these cities.

The park itself is open every day between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., but depending on when you arrive, you may be required to pay an entrance fee ranging anywhere from INR 5-15 (or roughly $0.08-$0.25).

That’s still a small price for entry into such beautiful natural surroundings; it’s enough to make one almost forget they’re still in India!

8. George Everest’s House

George Everest Located in the Mussoorie Range of Dehradun was a British surveyor who measured Mount Everest. He lived and worked for about 40 years in India, where he is buried at St John’s Church.

When you are visiting Dehradun, don’t forget to pay a visit to his grave, situated on Bailey Road. The grave of George Everest has been built using beautiful white marble with an engraved epitaph on it.

It can be visited at any time of day but what makes it more special is visiting it during sunset when its beauty comes out completely.

This place is not just another one of those common graves; rather it represents a history of passion, courage, and triumph over obstacles.

9. Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara

Gurudwara Guru Ram Rai is one of India’s most famous gurudwaras and is highly revered for its association with a great saint and poet, Guru Ram Rai.

The city of Dehradun has two Gurudwaras – one named after Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Shri Nanak Piao) and another after Guru Hargobind Ji (Guru Harbans).

The first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak visited Rishikesh and Raipur where he met various sages and saints. He also came to Roorkee where he was hosted by Raj Darah Kaur.

10. Shikhar Falls

Located in nearby Uttarkashi district, Shikhar Falls is one of those you had to be their experiences. Depending on your luck, you could be hit with a rain of mist and water that will take your breath away for days afterward.

The lush forest makes it an ideal place for a picnic. As long as you don’t mind battling uphill a bit on foot (unless you’re lucky enough to have someone drive you), Shikhar is worth every sweaty step.

You’ll find it at Purola hill station just 20 minutes away from Corbett National Park or Ramnagar – so if you plan a trip around these two destinations, consider adding Shikhar Falls into your itinerary as well!

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