10 Best Island in Maldives for Honeymoon..

10 Best Islands in Maldives for Honeymoon

10 Best Islands in Maldives for Honeymoon | 10 Maldives Islands to Stay for an Unforgettable Vacation

When it comes to finding the top 10 best Islands in Maldives for Honeymoon to stay for, there are many things to consider. Is it budget-friendly? Is it close to the airport?

What about water activities and onsite amenities? Whether you’re looking for an island with plenty of activities or just one where you can lounge by the pool all day, you’ll find the perfect Maldives Island among these top 10 options.

10 Best Islands in Maldives for Honeymoon

1) Hulhumale

10 Best Island in Maldives for Honeymoon

Located in North Male Atoll, Hulhumale is a new, yet rapidly growing city. It’s part of Addu City and is expected to eventually be incorporated into it.

The capital city of Maldives, Malé, is located about 80 kilometers from Hulhumale. Because it’s so close to Male and many tourists go there first, then make their way southwards, expect overdevelopment in terms of infrastructure and tourism companies.

However, if you visit after staying in some of the other islands on our list below you will find that it’s still peaceful and not as touristy as others on our list.

2) Addu Atoll

10 Best Island in Maldives for Honeymoon..

The main islands of Addu Atoll are Guraidhoo, Gan, Maradhoo, and Mulaku Listed as the second under the 10 Best Islands in Maldives for Honeymoon. The total population of these islands is 19,500.

Gan is a beautiful island that would make a great vacation spot if you want some privacy from tourists.

This island can be reached by boat from North Male’ Atoll or through helicopter transfer from Malé International Airport.

Along with surrounding areas such as Mulaku, Shaviyani Atoll, and Fuvahmulah have some of the finest dive sites in all of Maldives.

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3) Lhaviyani Atoll

This island-filled atoll is a great place for family vacations since most of its islands are protected from tourism.

There are more than 50 uninhabited islands you can explore, with many featuring beautiful coral reefs and white sand beaches.

Add in some excellent diving and snorkeling sites, as well as some quality resorts, and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid choice for your next vacation.

As a bonus, getting to Lhaviyani Atoll is easy; it’s only about a three-hour flight from Male. As of right now, flights cost around $300 round trip if you book early enough.

4) Baa Atoll

10 Best Island in Maldives for Honeymoon

If you want to sand and sea, head over to Baa Atoll. Listed under the 10 Best Islands in Maldives for Honeymoon, It’s one of only two atolls that haven’t been turned into a tourist resort (the other is Ari Atoll).

However, resorts are on their way. If you want solitude, make sure you go now before it’s too late. Baa is about 1,200 kilometers southwest of Male and has some great beaches, but it will take nearly half a day to get there from Malé.

5) Kaafu Atoll

This is one of three atolls on which all of the Maldives’ islands are located. It’s also home to some of its best luxury resorts, including Kurumba Island Resort, Soneva Fushi, and Four Seasons Landaagafu.

Located in North Male Atoll, Kaafu is a perfect choice for couples looking for an escape filled with privacy and intimacy while they explore their passion for snorkeling.

However, there are plenty of restaurants if you want more socialization during your trip—and since there aren’t any cars on Kaafu Island (it doesn’t even have roads), it’s not hard to walk anywhere within a 5-minute distance.

6) Alif Dhaalu Atoll

Located right between Thulusdhoo and Fuvahmulah, Alif Dhaalu is one of only three atolls in the Maldives that do not have any islands.

However, it has uninhabited marine protected areas and countless coral reefs and lagoons which you can discover while snorkeling or diving.

The island of Gulhi is also located here. Its lagoon offers good opportunities for water sports like windsurfing or water skiing.

Nearby islands such as Fulidhoo, Maamigili, Dhifaru, and Vashafaru offer world-class scuba diving sites. Don’t forget about the sunset cruise where you will experience breathtaking sea views!

7) Laamu Atoll

Laamu Atoll is one of a few atolls in the Maldives that allows limited access to tourists. This limits its popularity, but it also makes it a quiet and beautiful island that’s perfect for those looking for a laid-back holiday.

Its biggest town is Maafushi, which offers some stunning beaches as well as enough tourist amenities so that you can enjoy your vacation without having to visit other islands every time you need something.

Highlights include diving at Thulusdhoo Reef, snorkeling over tropical fish in Laamu’s lagoon, and exploring caves in places like Kaashidhoo Island.

Getting here is easy; there are daily flights from Male International Airport via Flyme, with a travel time of around 20 minutes. The best part?

8) Gnaviyani Atoll

Few things are as breathtaking as a view of a clear blue sky and ocean from your island in paradise.

Once you see it, it’s hard to imagine how anything could be better. But when you find yourself gazing out at the water from your private island in Giraavaru, one of three islands included in Ngaviyani Atoll, also known as Gaafu Alifu Atoll, you realize that even your best expectations couldn’t have prepared you for what you are seeing.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying time with loved ones while luxuriating in over-the-water villas that offer easy access right into nature.

9) Thaa Atoll

Thaa Atoll, which means Big Island in Dhivehi, is by far one of my favorite areas of the Maldives for several reasons.

It’s not crowded with tourists and it has some incredible resorts; there’s even a full-service golf course! The best part?

It’s pretty affordable. Here are some top picks on Thaa Atoll: Rangalifinolhu: This resort truly has it all – gorgeous rooms, great service, and an incredibly intimate feel (it only has 30 villas).

If you like privacy, then you’ll love spending your days at Rangalifinolhu snorkeling in their private lagoon or watching the sunset on one of their secluded beaches.

10) Kaafu Atoll (Raa Meedhoo, Maakurathu, and Kuda Huvadhoo inhabited islands only)

Kaafu Atoll is one of the six administrative divisions (Atolls) of the Republic of Maldives listed under the 10 Best Islands in Maldives for Honeymoon. The other five are Alif Dhaal, Baa, Gnaviyani, Noonu, and Raa.

As with all atolls in Maldivian territory, Kaafu’s land area is too small to sustain a population. A large portion of its land has been taken for use as capital city Malé’s international airport and housing colonies for government employees.

Kaafu Atoll was significantly damaged by a tsunami in 2004 with most residents living on its islands at that time being killed or injured by it.

This Concludes the Tropic on the 10 Best Islands in Maldives for Honeymoon. 

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